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BetCo's mission is to partner with Long Term Care (LTC) and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) that are striving for:

  • Clinical Excellence

  • Improved resident outcomes

  • Increased reimbursement

  • CMS 5 Star status

By maximizing the potential of your EHR, we can help you achieve these goals while decreasing time spent on documentation!

Specializing in facilities that utilize PointClickCare.

eHRT Resource Center 

Our eHRT Resource Center provides ongoing support and tools to ensure that your organization remains successful. Different subscription options are available allowing us to be the perfect fit for what your organization needs.

Subscription Options
Security Managemnt

Security Management

Ensuring staff have the correct access to your EHR is vital to daily operations.  New user requests can be completed within 4 hours, emergency requests can be completed immediately.

  • Security Role Configuration

  • Add New Users

  • Update Existing

  • Password Resets

  • Troubleshoot Security Related Issues

Distance Learning

BetCo UnivEHRsity

Relying on floor staff to train new hires is unreliable and pulling staff from the floor or regularly assigned duties to conduct orientation is not always physically or fiscally possible. Utilizing the following competency based distance learning techniques provides a reliable and timely alternative for both new hire orientation and ongoing education.

  • Self Paced Tutorials​

  • Live Webinars

  • Quick Reference Guides

  • Learning Management System

Skin & Wound.png
PCC Skin & Wound App
(Powered by Swift)
 Measurements Quick Review
Clinical Consultation

Add-On Services

Subscription not required

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Clinical Consultation

  • Policy/Procedure

  • Mock Survey

  • Plan of Correction

  • Quality Assurance

  • Infection Control (including F880 DPOC's)

  • General Clinical Consultation

BetCo founders, Betsy and Colleen, provide clinical consultation for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities. With multi-state experience as Directors of Nursing, Regional Nurse Consultants and Corporate Directors, they have the experience to help your organization achieve clinical excellence.

EHR Implementation
Dietitian Consultation

EHR Implementation

  • Work Flow Analysis

  • EHR Configuration

  • EHR Training

  • Go-Live Support

  • On-Site Training/Support

  • 24/7 Post Go-Live Support

nurse on computer.jpg

BetCo was initially founded when RN's Betsy and Colleen noticed the huge gap in knowledge between the EHR vendors and SNF/ALF organizations. An properly configured EHR can help to improve resident outcomes, financial reimbursement and survey results, but only if both management and the users fully understand it's capability. The BetCo team has been carefully selected to combine both EHR and Clinical expertise. 

Remote Staffing Solutions

Dietitian Consultation


Our Registered Dietitians can assist with training new dietitians, chart reviews, wound consultation and so much more!  Having an experienced, survey proven dietitian assisting you is sure to improve not only your surveys and compliance, but also your resident outcomes.

Remote MDS Assistance
Data Entry

Remote Staffing Solutions

nurse in room.jpg
Permanent solutions for
acute and chronic staffing issues

BetCo has created out of the box solutions to help address staffing issues. Utilizing remote services allows your staff to minimize time spent in front of the computer and focus on resident care.


Remote MDS Assistance

  • Temporary/short term assistance for when your RNAC is on vacation or out sick

  • Temporary/Short term assistance for when you are between RNAC's

  • Long term assistance for days/weeks when your caseload is heavy and your RNAC needs some help

  • Long term assistance for facilities that have a hard time finding an RNAC that is the right match

The majority of data that is entered on the MDS can be found in progress notes, electronic assessments, misc. documents and through staff interviews. Our remote MDS specialists spend the time gathering this data and entering on the MDS. When staffing is tight, utilizing remote services allows your RNAC time to assist floor staff with daily assessments, wound care and other treatments without compromising compliance or case mix.  We work as part of your team and ensure daily communication.

Data Entry: New Resident, Historical Data, and New Order Entry

With nursing shortages getting worse every year, it is time for out of the box solutions to ensure your nurses have time for what matters most. 

Nurses dread new admits, they simply don't have the time to compete all of their regular responsibilities, assess the new resident and complete all of the time consuming data entry. Our highly trained specialists can enter resident demographics, contacts, allergies, immunizations, diagnosis, initiate the care plan and personalize tasks.

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