EHR Consulting Services

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Remote MDS Assistant

Interim DON/Regional Clinical Consultant


EHR Change Management

Changing your mode of documentation will have a significant impact on your entire organization.  How your organization approaches this change will make all the difference.  When you use BetCo, you are leveraging over 10 years of experience in EHR change management, we will help you decrease operational risk and improve documentation/process compliance. Our approach is designed to help your staff adopt change, decrease facility stress, and  prevent staff turnover.  

EHR Implementation/Relaunch

EHR Implementation is a very time consuming process for your organization.  Let us focus on the implementation while you focus on what is most important, your residents!  

Data Entry

Transcribing your paper documentation into your EHR can be difficult for many reasons.  our dedicated staff are able to assist with your data entry, saving your facility time and headaches!

eHRT Resource Center - 24/7 support

You WON'T believe all that we offer... and at prices you CAN afford

This is an exciting and unique service that ONLY BetCo offers.  Our 24/7 eHRT Resource Center provides end user and configuration support.  Ongoing End User Training Webinar courses, self paced tutorials, and Clinical Excellence courses.   

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